Our Team

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Yus and together with my team operate a small family-run business, which goal is to assist travelers and tourists around the beautiful island of Java in a personal way and to make sure that you have a pleasant and unforgettable stay. We are able to arrange your trip around Java in an extremely flexible and comfortable way and ensuring that you make the most of your vacation and enjoy Java at your own pace. We can also assist with finding hotels, or maybe you have already found that very special place where you would like to stay, all is possible.

We have been operating since 1990 and have explored both the well known and lesser known places extensively. Dari Jawa Barat sampai Jawa Timor, from West to East Java, there are so many sights to discover that you will wish that you had had more time to stay. Many of our guests (who we now refer to as friends) have returned to revisit some of their favorite places in Java with us, or visit sights they have not seen before. 

Since 1990 a lot has changed. Initially, my business partner with who I started Java-Travel and myself took care of every aspect of your tour. From the planning and organization, booking your hotels, and ultimately driving and guiding you on your dream itinerary over Java, the two of us happily took care of it all. Through word of mouth our tours and the services provided became more popular and slowly we reached the point that we could no longer handle every aspect of your tour ourselves. Since the launch of our website, and our presence on the social media, the popularity of our adventures were boosted even more.

In a way it was a luxury problem but one thing was sure for me from the beginning, I would never allow any compromise on the quality of your tour or the services provided. Whoever I would take onboard in my team would have to meet the same high and understanding quality standards as myself. The search for new likeminded Java-Travel team members began…

By now I have found a fantastic group of dedicated people to accompany you during your tour…. I am extremely proud to introduce my team to you who assist me in making your tour over Java the adventure of a lifetime, something you will cherish forever. Every one of them shares my love for Java, they love traveling and sharing their passion for Java with you!

I would also like to introduce Marc Willemsen, one of our Dutch friends, who created and maintains this website for us. Marc has travelled with us in 2008, 2013 and 2018, you can read all about his adventures with us on his travel page. Besides Information on Java it also contains a wealth of stories from his adventures around the world.

Kindest regards,