Selamat Datang

Welcome to Java Travel Services. I am happy you’ve found your way to us. 

Many people have come to Java to see the Borobudur, Prambanan, Bromo, or one of the other countless attractions that are waiting for you to be discovered and enjoyed. And with good reason.

But did you ever have the desire to feel with your heart how beautiful the true Indonesia is, with it’s million smiles, charms, and tastes… experiences that will lead to sweet and wonderful memories.

With us, you will get all of it.

As a starting point for planning your trip we have developed several itineraries for you; Java Tour and and Java Easygoing Tour. Each of these itineraries vary in length and places visited and enable you to experience the best of Java whilst taking your available time and interest into consideration These are our most popular trips, but as already mentioned, we are flexible. It is your trip and the itinerary can be changed to suit your wishes. Your tour length can vary from a just a couple of days to a couple of weeks. We can skip places that you are not interested in, or stay a bit longer in an area you are extremely fond of. It is our pleasure to guide you around and bring you to all the beautiful sights that Java has to offer. Stunning natural wonders, impressive ancient temples, bustling cities, peaceful villages and cultural performances. We would be delighted to share all those places and moments with you and we are sure that, once you return home, you will take a bit of our home island, Java, with you in your heart.

Indonesia has had a long and interesting past, with lots of international contact and interaction. Many friendships have formed over the years and there are still a lot of people abroad with family ties to Java. It can occur that contact has been lost over the years, but the longing for those loved ones remains. We have been very successful in researching these old ties, as well as re-establishing contacts if possible, or finding information on your loved ones. That is also the case with finding houses (if they still exist) where former Indonesian residents were born or spent time in their youth. Check some of the entries in the guestbook for our success stories.

Regardless of the way you prefer to travel; your choice of vehicle (simple or spacious and more luxury), whether you prefer to travel backpacker style or prefer more luxury. We are able to adapt according your wishes and budget. Even if you would only like us to provide the transport and arrange your own hotel we are able to assist.

Additionally we are more than willing to assist you with any problems, translation services, or other issues you might encounter during your stay in Java. It’s our home country so we know the customs and speak the language. We would be pleased  to assist you, whatever your need.

There is so much to say about Java and there are so many places to explore. We will try to give you a glimpse of it in this website, but it would be even nicer to experience it for yourself. We would be delighted to be your hosts, guide you around and assist you with all your travel needs. Like so many before, you will love it! Just read some of the entries in our guestbook to hear it directly from people who have already travelled with us. Me and our enthusiastic team are waiting to give you a warm welcome. Selamat Datang di Jawa, welcome to Java!