Additional Information

Route Maps

There are plenty of maps of Java available, the problem with the traditional maps is that it’s difficult for you to filter out the places of interest and to develop a proper travel itinerary. Therefore we have tried to simplify these maps, leaving out all the unnecessary details (we’ll do the driving so you don’t need to be occupied with finding the way), and made some drawings with connections between the major cities and places of interest. We hope that these drawings will help you to plan your trip to Java and have the holiday of a lifetime. If you have any questions, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to fill in the gaps for you.


Traveling across Java is a unique experience. Roads are more crowded and drivers have a different, typical Asian driving driving style. Our drivers have been trained to transport you in a comfortable and safe way so can enjoy the experience. In Java traveling can sometimes be time consuming but with so many things to be seen it is never a boring occasion, it’s all part of your Java adventure.

When traveling with us you will not only find out that you make the most of your trip to Java by traveling in a private car with driver and guide, but you will also discover that we are very reasonable and competitively priced. Our rates include:

  • Car (The model will be adapted to suit the size of your group, and we will always try to ensure you travel in the most comfortable way)
  • English speaking Driver (and yes, you can try your Bahasa skills on us as well)
  • Guide ( not local Guide )
  • Parking
  • Gasoline
  • Highway entrance.

Here are some examples of the cars we use for our trips:

At the moment Indonesia (as everywhere in the world) knows a high and unpredictable inflation rate on Fuel. In the case of a fuel price increase we unfortunately will need to reflect this in our rates, we will do our best to keep prices as low and affordable as possible. Please contact us for the current rate and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.