21 day Java Tour

Day 1: Arrive in Jakarta – Bogor

Welcome to Indonesia. When you arrive at Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport your driver will already be waiting to meet you. He will bring you to Bogor where you can relax and recover from the long flight. Overnight in Bogor.

Day 2 : Bogor  tour & Relax

After breakfast, we’ll takie you to Kebun Raya, the world famous Botanic Garden in Bogor where you can find thousands of species of plants and trees from all over the world. It is a peaceful and tranquil place to spend a couple of hours. In the afternoon, if you’d like we can take a walk to a neighboring village to see local villager activities. Overnight in Bogor.

Day 3: Bogor – Garut/Cipanas

In the morning we drive to Garut/Cipanas. On the way we will make a stop at the Puncak Pass where you have the opportunity to enjoy the famous tea plantations. Depending on whether there is still enough time we could visit Kampung Leles. In the evening you will be able to enjoy the hot spring pool at your hotel so you are relaxed for continuing the journey the next day. Overnight in Garut or Cipanas

Day 4: Garut / Cipanas– Pangandaran

In the morning we start our journey to Pangandaran. On the way we will stop at Mount Papandayan and Kampoeng Naga (Dragon Village). Overnight in Pangandaran

Day 5: Pangandaran

Pangandaran is famous for the jungle trip in its National Reserve. If you are lucky you might even see some deer looking for their meals. Of course, you can also choose for chilling out and relaxing at the beach. For sure you should enjoy the fresh seafood. The choice is yours. Overnight in Pangandaran.

Day 6: Pangandaran & Relax

If you want to see more traditional villager activities, you can make a village tour where you can witness people making gula jawa (sugar), wooden puppets and so. We would also like to recommend a trip to the Green Canyon, as this is a sight not to be missed. Overnight in Pangandaran

Day 7: Pangandaran – Wonosobo

In the morning we drive from Pangandaran to Wonosobo via Cilacap. It might be a nice idea, as well as being great fun, to do part of the trip by a by boat, in that case we will meet you again in the harbour of Cilacap from where we’ll continue our journey together. If you prefer to do the whole trip by car that’s possible too. Overnight in Wonosobo.

Day 8: Dieng Tour

In the early morning, we drive to the Dieng Plateau to enjoy its spectacular sunrise, crater and scenery, as well as the oldest Hindu temple complex in Java. After this visit, we will make a stroll through Dieng village. Overnight in Wonosobo.

Day 9 : Wonosobo – Selogriyo – Borobudur

First we make a 2 1/2 hour drive to Selogriyo. There you will be accompanied by local guide, to explore the villages and ricefields during a walk of about one hour. You will be served a picnic style lunch at the temple, after which we proceed to Candi Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia. Overnight in Borobudur area.

Day 10 : Borobudur – Yogyakarta

You have the opportunity to enjoy the Borobudur temple during the sunrise. At this time there are still very few people visiting which will enhance the atmosphere of your visit. Once you are satisfied with your visit we will continue to Candirejo. Candirejo is an ideal place to give you a good impression of how Indonesian people used to live traditionally. Overnight in Borobudur area.

Day 11: Yogyakarta relax and tour

In the morning we will proceed to Yogyakarta. A Visit to the Kraton (Sultan’s Palace) of Yogyakarta is a must when visiting in this city (oh well, only if you wish too of course). In Kota Gede you can see the production of silver handicraft and batik. And by the evening, you can be thrilled by the beauty of the Ramayana dance (See our Yogyakarta section for more information on this fabulous performance). Overnight in Yogyakarta.

Day 12: Yogyakarta

In the morning you will explore the beauty of the highest Hindu temple in Indonesia, Candi Prambanan, where you can learn the Ramayana story from carvings on the wall of the temple. Once you are satisfied your driver brings you back to the hotel where you might want to relax. But perhaps you do not want to miss out on an opportunity to explore the city by becak (bicycle taxi), take a stroll at Jalan Malioboro, which is the famous shopping street in Yogyakarta or let your driver bring you to the places of your choice. Have a look at our Yogyakarta section for some more ideas. Overnight in Yogyakarta.

Day 13: Yogyakarta – Solo

In the morning we start our drive to Solo. There you have the option to make a bike or andong (horse cart) tour to the village of Mojolaban in the south east of Solo (These tours are not Including in the charge of your package). There you will be able to see what Solonese do for a living. We will visit several home industries where you will see how tempe (bean cake) is made, as well as tofu, gamelan (tradition instrument), roof tiles and arak (Javanese wine). After your bike or andong tour we continue to your hotel where you can relax after this exciting day. Overnight in Solo.

Day 14: Sukuh Walking Tour

Today will be a wonderful day where we will be doing some soft trekking. First you driver will bring you to the Cetho temple , a Hindu temple that was built in the last period of Majapahit Kingdom . Then we proceed to the Sukuh Temple, another Javanese Hindu temple that was built during the Islam period.  Your next activity on this day is a two hour of soft walking trip to a waterfall. During this walk you will pass beautiful scenery and enjoy spectacular green hills and with a bit of luck witness friendly farmers working on the land. After the walk we return to Solo. Overnight in Solo. Note : This evening your driver will drive with your luggage to Jombang Town, so keep your essentials for the night.

Day 15: Solo – Malang Train

In the morning you will be brought to the train station for boarding the executive train to Malang. There you will meet your driver again who will bring you to your hotel. Overnight in Malang.

Day 16 : Malang tour and Relax

In the morning we will drive to Wonosari to visit a tea factory and a plantation. (Note: both are closed on Sundays). Once you have completed your visit we return to Malang. There you can visit the city hall. From the city hall it is only a short walk to the flower market and the bird market. Next we will return to the down town of Malang where you could either go on a stroll on your own or relax at your hotel. Overnight in Malang.

Day 17: Malang – Bromo

In the morning we drive to Tumpang town. There you change to an open jeep for an adventurous trip through forest, savanna, hills and finally the caldera (large vulcanic crater) before you arrive at Cemoro Lawang (the last village near Mount Bromo). Once you arrive at your hotel you can already enjoy the stunning panorama or just relax. As this unusual and spectacular approach to Bromo is only accessible for 4 wheel drive jeeps, your driver who will also take your luggage luggage will take a different, but longer, route. Therefor he will arrive a bit later than yourself. Overnight in Cemoro Lawang Village

Day 18 : Bromo – Kalibaru

After a very early rise you can go for another jeep excursion to the Bromo volcano to enjoy views of the crater. Instead of driving directly to the crater you also have the option to visit the viewpoint at Pananjakan first where, if the weather is clear, you can witness a spectacular sunrise (In order to see the sunrise the tour starts at 04:00 am. For this nightly excursion we would like to recommend a thick jacket (warm clothing) since at times the temperature can drop to 5 degrees Celcius). When you return to your hotel from this spectacular excursion, you can enjoy a well deserved breakfast after which we will bring you to Ketapang. Overnight in Kalibaru.

Day 19 :  Kalibaru – Ketapang

Kalibaru is a place which is most famous for it’s cacao and rubber plantations which you are more

then welcome to visit. If not closed (We’ll check that out for you when we’re in Kalibaru), we could also visit the local rubber and cacao factory. Another option would be to make a village tour by dokar (horse cart), but you may just want to relax by the pool of your hotel. Overnight in Ketapang

Day 20 : Ijen Tour

The Ijen volcano is famous for it’s blue fire. When you wish to witness this natural spectacle yourself we will leave at 01:00 am. If this is to early for you we could also leave for the Ijen volcano at 05.00 am or 06:00 am. In this case you will not see the blue fire but will still be able to see the spectacular crater lake and the sulphur mining. (For this trip you need to be in a reasonable good shape). Once we return to the hotel you can rest and relax for the remainder of the day. Overnight in Ketapang.

Day 21 : Ketapang  – Bali

This is your last day on Java, so we will either bring you to Banyuwangi from where you can take the ferry to Bali and continue your Indonesian Experience by yourself, or, if you prefer we can join you to Bali and bring you all the way to your next destination where we’ll say our farewells. As you’re already used to by now, ”The Choice Is Yours”.