Guestbook Entries from our old website

We received these Guest reviews before we launched this version of our website. As they bring back such wonderful memories we decided to put them on this page so they won’t be forgotten…

 Peter Teeuwen

Hello Yus and Ayu,

After a few months we can look back on a beautiful trip with you on Java.  April 26  till May 10th 2018 (14 days) we were your guests  and  you showed us your country. You did that in such a way that we also started loving it. It was your passion for your country and work,  that made us seeing things you normally will not see and experience. That made this trip for us very special. We spoke about this on the last evening, but want to repeat it on your website. On top of that we met two fantastic people as representatives  of  Java.  It was for us an honor to be with you and like to thank you  again from the bottom of our heart!!

On behalf  of our group

Andrea, Martin and Christian Blaicher

Dear Java Travel,

Our fantastic Java trip is now going to an end. It was a great trip and with Roi we had not only a driver, we had an excellent guide on our side. We enjoyed our stay in Java with its great nature and friendship of the people.

We would like to inform you, that we changed our travel plans: We would like to finish the trip not in Permuteran (Bali), but in Canggu, Kutara Utara (Bali). Roi told us, that this is fine for him. The distance is longer than to Permuteran. Let us know, if you need an additional charge.

Best greetings from our last position in Java at Rumah Senang Guest House Kalibaru

Rudy Verstraeten, Belgium

Dear Java Travel Indonesia

We are fine. We finally made it to Belgium after being trapped in Jakarta for two full days.

The flight with AirAsia from Denpasar to Jakarta was delayed with more than 3 hours due to a technical problem with the plane. As a result we missed our international flight with Turkish Airlines to Instanbul and further to Dusseldorf.

Turkish Airlines booked us on the next available flight which was two days later for an extra of 180 € per person !! Anyway we were lucky because 12 other passengers had the same problem and they had to pay more than 500 Euro per person extra.

Anyway, we had a beautiful time in Java and Bali thanks to your company and especially YoYok, who we will never forget.  I have send 33 pictures via Wetransfer. Hopefully you will get them, nice memories.

We also stayed for 3 days on a boat in Komodo National Park. We saw the famous dragons, mantas, turtles,….. unbelievable. You have such a beautiful country and nature  😉

After Komodo National Park we spend 4 more nights in a very nice hotel in Sanur, Bali.

So, thanks again for your organisation, hospitality and give our regards to Yoyok. 

We will definitely recommend Java Travel Indonesia to our friends and family.

Take care, best regards and maybe until next time (who knows).

Ann, Kristof, Sara and Rudy

Manolis and friends

Dear Java Travel Indonesia  

how are you? Sorry for the delay but here is my comments. I send some photos too to choose. 

“First of all I would like to thank both you  for this amazing trip in East Java. It was all organised great and they were very helpful in the whole trip. Of course, we had a great cooperation before our visit when we were planning our trip to Indonesia. We visited Yogyokarta, Prambanan and Borobudur temple, Surabaya, Bromo Mt and Madakaripura Waterfalls and it was an amazing experience. Ayu and Yus gave us information and tips about Java and generally about Indonesia and took us to local places like restaurants etc. All the drivers and guides were really wonderful and a very good company to us. The services of Java Travel were a real value for money and exceptional ones. I am totally recommending to choose the java travel for your trip. 

Thanks again for all. 

Manolis and friends

(July 2017)

Heike und Uwe Preis, Gernsheim, Germany

Wir haben zu zweit mit Java-Travel eine wunderschöne 11-tägige Rundreise im März 2016 durch Java unternommen. Wir wurden am

Flughafen in Jakarta abgeholt und zum Hotel gebracht. Den nächsten Tag fuhren wir mit dem Auto nach Bandung, dort übernachteten wir ebenfalls. Danach ging es mit dem Zug vorbei an wunderschönen Landschaften nach Yogyakarta, das Gepäck wurde mit dem PKW befördert. In Yogyakarta besuchten wir die verschiedenen Tempelanlagen (Tepas  Pariwisata  Karaton den Sultan Palace und Prambanan Temple). Leider bekam ich etwas Probleme mit meinen Magen so dass wir kurzfristig das Programm etwas abändern mussten. Nach zwei Nächten im wunderschönen Phönix Hotel ging es dann mit dem Auto weiter nach Solo.  Dort hatten wir ebenfalls zwei Übernachtungen und besuchten verschiedene Handwerksbetriebe und das Batik-Museum, danach hatten wir anschließend ein köstliches Mittagessen bei einem der Reiseführer zu Hause. Am nächsten Tag ging es dann weiter mit dem Zug nach Malang. In Malang waren wir in Begleitung unseres Fahrers Rojo in einem tollen Lokal (fast Museum, Rumah Mekon Inggil ) essen. Am nächsten Tag ging es dann morgens Richtung Bromo, gegen 10 Uhr wechselten wir dann das Fahrzeug (MiniVan gegen offenen Jeep) und besuchten zunächst einen Wasserfall bevor es steil bergauf und bergab zu der Mondlandschaft direkt am Fuße des Vulkans Bromo ging. Gut geschützt durch Staubmasken und entsprechende Kleidung erreichten wir dann Mittags die Java View Lodge am Bromo. Dort trafen wir dann auch wieder unseren Fahrer Rojo der das Gepäck mitgebracht hatte. Am nächsten morgen (3.30.Uhr)  ging es dann zum wunderschönen Sonnenaufgang, ebenfalls mit Jeep an die Aussichtsplattform des Mount Bromo. Nach  Duschen und Frühstück ging es dann gegen 9 Uhr Richtung Fähre nach Bali. Wir übernachteten noch einmal in Ketapang Banyuwagni, bevor uns Rojo dann am nächsen Tag nach Ubud auf Bali brachte.

Die Organisation der Reise war perfekt geplant, Abstimmung Änderung war jederzeit über Telefon , What’s up oder SMS möglich. Hervorzuheben war der fast familiäre Bezug zu den Reiseleitern Ayu, Yus, Trione und  Rojo.

Also nochmals vielen Dank für die nette Zeit in Java an das Java-Travel Team.

Timon and Kyra, The Netherlands

Hello there!

We are realy good. How are you doing?

We had a great trip in East Java with you. We really loved the Madakaripura waterfall, what a beauty! Afterwards to Bromo, really nice surroundings and an impressive sight at the crater. The driver did a great job too!

Thank you for your perfect guiding. Special thanks to Ayu who not only helped us in Java but also in Bali we had a lot of contact with her by Whatsapp. Great!!

I will post a message at your website and i will recommend you on Tripadvisor.

Kind regards,

Timon and Kyra (2016)

Jeffrey Pick, United Kingdom

Thank you for your email. I can only say, I had a brilliant time and the schedule you prepared for me, was perfect. The hotels you chose each had character and I could never have found them myself.

I am really grateful to both of you and my various drivers, who were also wonderful traveling companions. I cannot recommend you both highly enough.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Jeff (December 2015)

Anu, USA

Dear Yus and Sri,

Thank you for your mail. We had a wonderful time in Java…an excellent visit. Every location we visited was memorable. Thank you. Finally Rojo did an exceptional job driving us up to Ubud through the most beautiful route.

                                                              Anu (November 2015)

Stijn & Melissa, Belgium 2015

 Java travel, the best you can get!

 Friendly, good service and great team!

 You want to visit Java ? Choose java travel!

Rafael Andreas, Switserland

Hi Yus 

I would like to thank you for our holidays with Java Travel. Everything was perfectly organized and planned. We had one of our best holidays ever in Java and Bali :-). 

If you need advise with tourists from Switzerland, like if they want to talk to a contact, like i wanted, please feel free to refer to me. 

Kind Regards 

Rafael Andreas ( 2015 )

Harry, The Netherlands

Dear Sri and Yus

We had a good time, we will react once back in the Netherlands. 

A few quick ones.

The driver was a very safe driver, but it would even be better if his vocabulary would be larger allowing him to tell more during trips. Agip and Ayu were both excellent guides.

The trip with Agip and the lunch at his home has been very very good

The hotel in Malang is good, but too much noice during the night because of morning muslim wake up. Too load and too long. This will certainly  not attract non muslim tourists. Furthermore exhaust fumes from coaches at the front of the hotel are being sucked up into the hotel ventilation system, and we had to switch off the airco because of diesel fumes in the room. This is something for the hotel to improve.

The train has been good, Agus was exactly on time, to pick us up.

The most beautiful hotel was the last one, perhaps you should organize bird watch trips in that area, which is very popular in NL

If we have more feed back we will let you know.

Best regards


Chris and Laura Peels, The Netherlands, 2015

Dear Yus and Sri,

We like to thank you for the wonderful journey we had in March, 2015 in your country . We have many good moments and experiences  to think back. I do like to thank you again for your advice and the organisation of the tour and the booking of the hotels. It was as good organised as possible and we will recommend Java Travel Indonesia to everybody who want to travel in and around Java.

There were many highlights during our travel we made (me and my daughter Laura) in March, 2015. To mention only three super highlights: 1) The discovery of the house in Jakarta where I have lived from 1952 till 1958. Thanks to the communication skills of the driver (GT) we discovered that the house was still there and had not been replaced by a new Insurance- or Bank-building. When we got inside the ghost of the house smiled at us (and we will never forget that special feeling); 2) The visit to Papandayan vulcano was very impressive; we recommend the visit to all those who want to see a nearly active but still sleeping vulcano; 3) The discovery of the house near Cibadak where I had many holidays from 1952 till 1958. Thanks again to GT, he succeeded in convincing the guards that I had a special interest to vist the plantation. We made a lot of pictures of the still beautiful main building of the plantation.

We could mention many other highlights: The attempt to walk to the top of the Gede in tropical rain conditions; the visit of the Cave in Pelabuhan Ratu; the drive through very bad roads in the Banten region, etc, etc

I enjoyed the driving skills of GT. He was during the travel a good guide and driver.

We also felt the invisible hand of Yus during our tour, we like to thank him for his professional invisible guidance.

It’s still not yet sure but when we do plan a next travel to Java we certainly ask Java Travel Indonesia (Yus and Sri) to organise it.

Warm regards,

Chris Peels

Zeist (The Netherlands), August 23, 2015

Pepo and Eva, Spain

Dear friends of Java Travel. These are Pepo y Eva, finally at home. After leaving Mr. Potter in Ketapang, we spent four days in Bali and 3 days in Singapore. We have arrived home this morning.

We wanted to thank you for your service. It was a very good design of trip, fulfilling thoroughly our requirements (Borobudur, Bromo, both impressive). Accommodation was over our expectations and the additional places you selected for us were awesome. In particular, we will be always grateful for Mount Ijen, one of the most extraordinary places we have visited.The balance between visits and free time was perfect for us, as well. 

We experienced some exciting and unexpected situations: lunch at Solo after bike, moments of great fun with Ayu (ask her what Spanish ham is XDD), mist arriving Bromo and we ALONE at the crater,  ashes from big eruption on us at Ijen… 

Please, extend our gratitude to all the members of the crew we met: sweet Ayu, both Harrys, Mr. Tri, local guides… Maybe we forget someone, forgive us.

Probably we will return to Indonesia to visit some of the many places we couldn’t this time. Undoubtedly, we will contact you at that time.

I don’t know if this mail is ok for your guestbook or you would like something less “emotional”. We thought to write it in spanish to help you open new markets XDD. Please, let us know your preferences. 

Un fortísimo abrazo desde España. 

Pepo y Eva.

Ed and José, The Netherlands

Als je Java wilt ontdekken en niet alleen de highlights, neem dan Java Travel! Gids en chauffeur laten je kennis maken met de echte Javanen, de Javaanse keuken en vrijwel alle vruchten van eigen bodem op de durian na vanwege de sterke geur. We kwamen op plekken waar de reguliere reisorganisaties niet komen. De locaties van de overnachtingen zijn met zorg uitgekozen.

Bogor, de theeplantages, de Borobudur en de Bromovulkaan waren fantastische, indrukwekkende ervaringen, maar de kennismaking met de vele warungs en de lol die we hadden met Yus, Ayu en niet te vergeten Gatot (“mister left over”) waren echt onvergetelijk.

Ed en José

                                                              Januari 2015

Guy and Ann, Belgium

We enjoyed our 20 days trip through Java and we like to thank Yus and Sri and Rojo, our driver , for the beautifull holiday.

I started to plan our trip in 01.2014 and I was very lucky to find the website and references to

I made up a route/a plan for our stay and sent it to Sri.

Immediately she answered me and after few mails, questions, suggestions, more questions….. we finally had our detailed journey.

Rojo was a wonderfull driver, calm, caring, flexible and always in time!

Every day he brought us in a very safe way from A to B.

We saw much of the island, without losing time in and around busstations.

The car was very comfortable, especially for Guy with his long legs.

Yus and Sri arranged very good guides for our visits to the Dieng Plateau, the bike tour around Mojolaban and the walk from Sukuh.

Visits to Bromo and Ijen were highlights but we enjoyed every minute of our trip!

We can strongly advice every one to take at least contact with Yus and Sri while planning a visit to Java.

They do everything to make the journey as comfortable as possible and they are open to any suggestion/question.

THANKS AGAIN  for everything.

Mira, Wietse, Patrick and Renata, Belgium

We travelled with Java-Travel during 10 days in July 2014.

We are a family of 4 and everybody had a very nice experience! Our driver Gatot made our trip very special: he showed us his favorite ‘alternative’ roads; he answered all our questions and gave special accents to our days:  for example he stopped at markets to let us taste fruits, crispy real…….he showed us Yogya by night…..

Highlights for us were the bike-tour (and great  lunch), the soft trekking nearby Sukuh, Caldirejo-tour, the Bromo, the Ijen volcano….

It was really a comfortable way of traveling. We also had the company of competent  guides at our activities.

                                                              Mira, Wietse, Patrick and Renata from Belgium

Netty and Jeannet, The Netherlands

Hello Yus and Sri,

we are already back in Holland again, but we all have very sweet memories off our trip to Bali and Java. We had a very very good time on Java. It didn’t bother us that the sun wasn’t there, haha. We had the turtles, we had the beautiful birds, we had the monkeys, we had AGUS, the very good driver, we had a very beautiful tour to Sukamade so we had the feeling we had it all. Jeannet and I were already in love with Indonesia, but now our friends are also in love. Specially the children. They liked it very much.
So, now we look back on a very nice holiday. And every time we meet we all have a big smile on our face. 
Thank you for your effort to make it this nice for us on Java. Hope to see you again in the future.

Greetings from a wet wet Holland, haha
Netty and Jeannet

Miriam & Tobias Kimmich from Munich, Germany

A couple of weeks have passed since we arrived back in Munich, Germany. We still think back so many times to our wonderful time in Java with you two. We are so pleased that we found out your contact on the internet and travelled with you. The places you took us, the stories you told us and the beautiful moments you shared with us were just amazing and we will always remember them. For the future we wish you all the best and ongoing success with your business. You are doing a great job! Especially because you are so authentic and open-minded. One day we will definitely come back and travel again with you. There are so many parts of Indonesia left for us to discover and who can show us them better than you two!

All the best!

Taco and Nancy Gerding, The Netherlands

Enthusiastic stories of our children and their best friends about the wonderful holiday they had in Indonesia in 2013 and the great way Java Travel organized it all, made us long to visit Java ourselves.After some intensive e-mail exchanges with Sri at Java Travel, april 2014 we were ready to fly to Jakarta, where Sri (our guide) and Rojo (our driver) were waiting for us. Together we spend an unforgettable fortnight on Java. Sri and Rojo showed us all the famous places like Borobudur, Prambahan Temple, the Sultan’s Palace, etc. But what impressed us most where the excursions they had proposed themselves, like the bike tour in Solo. Together with local guide Tri we rode our bikes through the country side, visiting the rice fields and many small factories in the villages. The lunch with local people was delicious!A hike in the mountains, an adventurous trip in an open jeep to the Bromo volcano, Sri had the most original ideas for us. The cooking class in Yogyakarta was another highlight.Traveling with Java Travel was one of our best decisions ever and we are grateful to Sri and Rojo for their professional attitude and their warm friendship!

Linda, Francine, Eliane, Thérèse and Myriam, Belgium

Dear Sri and Yus,

We had a wonderful 10 days trip in Java, starting in Yogyakarta on 18th August, 2013. All was perfectly tailor-made organised for our group of 5 women. I had many many questions the months before departure,and all were answered immediately and accurately !

Our driver Prayit was always in time; extremely friendly, caring, and flexible, and he could appreciate our humor.

We visited the Yogya, the Prambanan temple, Ratu Baka,  Imo Giri graves, Kota Gede.. then had a wonderful angdong tour in Candijero near Borobudur; enjoyed Manohara hotel with view on the Borobudur temple. Also the bicycle tour in Mojolaban (near Solo) with typical lunch; and the walk in Sukuh to Tawangmangu with guide were very pleasant and interesting to see the local products in the villages. Further we visited Wonosari tea plantation and then adventure with open jeep to the Bromo! The stay close by in Lava View Lodge is perfect for the sunrise the next morning; really a must !We continued our trip to Kalibaru – Ijen volcano and then on to Bali and Lombok.

We thank Sri and Yus for the professional services which made our trip unforgettable !

We can really  recommend Java Travel.

Jos and Lia, The Netherlands

Dear Yus and Sri,

Thank you very much for your email and for the effort you’ve made to find my book! Unfortunately it’s not mine….
We had a super time in Java and Bali and not in the last place thanks to you Sri, Yus and Rojo!
We enjoyed it a lot: we’ve seen beautiful things, nature, with very nice people!The children are back to school and we are starting up work again…… We often look at the pictures made at the Bromo, Pangandaran, Borobudur etcetera, etc.
So very different from here: you’ll see when you get here Sri! Please feel free to give us a call/visit us when you feel like it when you are in the Netherlands!

You’re very welcome!
For now the BEST regards to you ALL!!

Nienke, Hildo, Manon, Monique and Yara, The Netherlands

Dear Yus and Sri,

In the summer of 2013 we made a beautiful trip with our three daughters, starting in Jakarta all over Java and ending in Ubud on Bali. It was a special situation to be in Indonesia with our children and we had very high expectations. Because Nienke and I traveled before with Yus and Sri and we were very satisfied about this it was clear to us; this special holiday with our children must be prepared and accompanied by Yu and Sri!

So in the end of 2012 we started planning our trip, we send our suggestions by email to Sri and she replied in a short term. Suggestions about the route, hotels and of course culture where exchanged by email and at the end we received a proposal with clear information about all in- and excluded options. Great!

After this solid preparation we flew full confidence to Jakarta and the taxi drivers where waiting. They drove us to Bogor, it was the dry season but we had heavy rain. Yus and Sri, you can’t arrange everything! We stayed here one day to acclimate and here we met Yus and Sri again, it was a very pleasant reunion, like old friends!

With Yus as experienced driver and Sri as guide we traveled all over Java, visiting the important cultural highlights. We also had a beautiful bike trip in Solo with guide Ajib ending at his house where Ajib’s wife and Sri prepared a delicious meal. These where very special moments we often remember. After two weeks we left Java and took the ferry to Bali, this part of our trip was also prepared by Yus and Sri.

Yu and Sri, we thank you for your support and lovely companionship. We felt very special, but when we look in your guestbook all your guests have this same experience.

With love,

Nienke, Hildo, Manon, Monique and Yara

Ronald and Nadine, Belgium

On Java with Yus and Sri – May 2013

This was our first visit to Indonesia (May 2013), correction to Java. And it has become a luxurious trip according to our standards. But what a trip!

Initially we intended to travel around Java by train and bus, and perhaps a plane. We did not book any hotel, except for the first nights in Jakarta. We prefer to travel as much a possible without a detailed agenda to follow, and decide our next steps while being there.

We were lucky to bump into an article about Yus and Sri, only a week before our departure. This has modified thoroughly our way of traveling, and we are happy and lucky that we did it with Yus and Sri.

In the meantime it has become clear that traveling by train is very cheap, punctual, comfortable, well organized and with enough departures to choose from. But only the main towns can be reached by train. To get to the other places there must certainly be busses, but not that many, and it is much more difficult to organize: what, which, where, when, how much: not evident when you do not speak the language. To reach really far-off places you have to choose between taxi, becak, horse cart, ….

With Yus and Sri we “simply” had our own car, with English speaking driver and often with a communicative guide. We have travelled hundreds of kilometers this way from one town or village to the other, for town visits (some towns are huge), shopping trips, or to get to museums or workshops. A nice view? Just stop and enjoy. Looking for a special item? They will find the right shop.

We started off with 2 pieces of luggage, but it gradually grew to 4 pieces, as we had planned. Plus a backpack and a few other bags. So comfortable to have them in the back of the car.

When we wanted to meet an  artist or of a top craftsman, or wanted to visit a specific workshop, we just had to express our wish. Even if they had no previous knowledge this was arranged immediately via telephone of 3G smart phone. The proverbial Indonesian helpfulness did the rest.

They arranged for all our train and plane tickets. We went by train from Solo to Surabaya, a 4 hour trip. But the night before our luggage, car and driver already left for Surabaya (8/10 hours drive), ready to pick us up at the railway station, to drive to the Bromo volcano.

Yus and Sri have also chosen and booked all our hotels taking into account our ways. For example we love Indonesian food, and so they tried to get us a hotel close to open air restaurants, much nicer and cheaper than “international” hotel food. We always got a room close to the swimming pool. Hotels are seldom star-rated, but we seldom had a 3-star equivalent hotel, mostly I would rate it 4-star. Expensive? One can indeed sleep for less, but 35-40€ for both of us, inclusive breakfast, is certainly not exaggerated.

We have also done well to listen to their good advice. The program we had in mind, based on our readings, was thoroughly improved by them. If you read that something was good, Yus explained “this is good for the book, but not for you”. We proposed to stay somewhere two nights. “One afternoon is fine, the next day you will get annoyed”. And he was right, every time.

This way we have seen and experienced at least twice as much as would have been possible with public transport. And we have been able to see the top in the areas that are of special interest to us. Example: we had read that the open air performance of the Ramayana at Prambanan only takes place at full moon. We checked: no full moon during our stay, and we concluded: no ballet for us. They corrected us: there are more performances now, and while on the road  we consulted the tariff, and they immediately booked our tickets. We would certainly have missed this, as so many other things we did not know about.

It should be clear that we have never regretted traveling the Yus-and-Sri way. All at a very reasonable cost, that can in no way be compared with the price we should have to pay in Europe for comparable service.

This certainly was one of our nicest holidays ever.


Yus and Sri run Javatravel, a small scale independent tour operator, working with trusted and helpful free-lance English speaking drivers. Their independence gives them the freedom to respond to any tourist wish in the best way. You can expect detailed e-mail answers to any question at very short notice. . Tip: February is low season for Javatravel.

Frederique, Nienke, Willemijn, Marleen en Albert Bloem, The Netherlands

Lou Titaley, Brigitte Titaley-Hillmann, Peggy Titaley, Nancy Titaley, Danny Titaley, Geraldine Sleypen, Tim Titaley, The Netherlands

We are back home again from an awesome holiday. And a fine holiday is always to short. You were very willing to us, in particular as regards the departure times, in the morning. When Andri said, the evening before “We have to leave tomorrow at 08.00Hr”. Than we said always “So early ?”. The driver and the guide keeps calm, no rushing words.

By the way, we found your guide good as well that we wanted to hire him even longer. So we did.

Thanks to you, who organized it very well.

Also the ideas, like a bike ride in Sukuh. We enjoyed and appreciate it. The visiting of several factories, like the roof tiles factory. The sugar- and kokos businesses, the tempé and tofu factory and most of all, what impressed us………

The gamelan factory. The workers there are working under hard conditions. Warm and dusty……..also dangerous because of the iron and fire dust is almost invisible. They breath it in and they don’t notice it. I suppose they get, in the future, dust lungs……. But that is, I think, the risk of the job.

The visiting of a tea plantation were also very educative. Also the walking trips through the fields and kampongs are very interesting. We know now how hard it is to get the rice harvest. We must admit, we have a different view to the Indonesian people now. The hotels are good, in terms of location and accommodation, as well. Especially the hotel in Kalibaru, which has a plantation and farm. We have learned a lot of our Indonesian travel.

But also those other hotels, like Happy Valley and the hotel at the Bromo and the others……are good.

Again………our compliments to your organization and its people who running it. We will recommended you to all of our friends and family.

We like to say Sampai ketemu lagi everywhere in the world.


Merel Gerding & Wouter, The Netherlands

Dear Sri,

We would like to thank you for the tour you arranged for us through Java! We had a great week with lots of activities.

A few highlights… First of all, the bike tour in Solo. Usually as a tourist, you don’t see how people really live their lives. Therefore, visiting the local people and their business was very special to us. The lunch afterwards at the house of guide Arthurs family, was the best meal we had in two weeks Indonesia!

Another highlight for us was releasing the turtles in Sukamade. Imam took great care of us: nice towels, a mat for on the beach and great food including our favorite: fried bananas (well prepared in the jungle, how did he do that?!). And… he arranged that we could bury the turtle eggs in the shelter. I was an amazing experience.

Our special thanks goes to our driver Rojo. He was always there for us, had great tips on restaurants, always knew how to find an ATM or store to buy a memory card.  And last but not least, Rojo guided us safely through the chaotic traffic of Java (with those unlimited numbers of scooters). We really appreciated his calm and relaxed character and his extremely comfortable car: always clean with lots of space for our long Dutch legs.

Many thanks to you all!

Best regards,

Merel Gerding & Wouter

Henk De Nennie and Dominique Oudshoorn The Netherlands

Our travels with Yus en Sri.

Marc Willemsen writes on his website “You start out on your journey as strangers and say your goodbyes as family”.

There’s no better way to describe a trip across Java with Yus and Sri.

Yus and Sri love their country very much and they don’t close their mind to things that can be done differently. But first and foremost they are good people with a warm heart who really give you the feeling that you are the guest, nothing is too much for them, but if something is out of the question, for whatever reason, they speak out honestly.

Our trip started out from Sunda Kelapa to Surabaya, from the start (the old VOC harbour) to the end (the flag incident) of the Dutch presence. A magnificent journey throughout which they knew exactly what we wanted. For instance: Bandung ITB, villa Isola and the Braga, a volcano just for the two of us, relaxing in Pangadaran, a boat trip to Cilacap, sunrise and sunset at Borobudur, silver shops in Yogya, Andung in Solo, Eating martabak in Malang, Wonosobo tea plantation, in an open jeep to Mount Bromo and to close the trip, the Majapahit   (the former Oranje hotel in Surabaya, where the flag incident took place).

As far as food was concerned on our travels: Yus and Sri were quick to catch on to the fact that aren’t all that partial to restaurants with too many stars and bus loads of tourists, the warungs were much better suited to our taste – yum-yum.

We have seldom been able to travel so agreeably and so intimately, or to have seen so much in such a relaxed way.

We are eagerly looking forward to our next trip with Yus and Sri.

Anne-Marie, Frans, Eva and Daan, The Netherlands

Hi Sri and Yus,

Back in Holland after a really great trip to Indonesia. It was my 3rd time, my husband’s 2nd time and the children’s 1st time and we just loved it. What can we say? From the first contact we had everything went smooth. The two of you have a very professional organization, taking care of everybody’s needs in a very flexible way. As we say in Holland, from the start of the trip it’s all about ‘ontzorgen’. All the drivers were great, starting of with Yus in Bogor, then a few days with Rojo in Yogya, a short trip with Harry to Sukuh and after that about 6 days with Ronald all the way to Bali. In the very busy traffic on Java we never felt unsafe for a second. Everybody keeps smiling and moving along at a pace of 40/50 km per hour. Try that in Holland, were people get irritated about the smallest things in traffic, haha.

If we ever go back to Indonesia, hope so!, we will of course book our trip again with you guys! Not a doubt in our mind. Thanks so much for the great experience and maybe we will meet again!

And Sri, have a wonderful time in Holland in October! If you come in the neighborhood of Deventer, don’t hesitate and whatsapp, you’re more then welcome!

Greetings from Anne-Marie, Frans, Eva and Daan

Tjimmy, Gerda, Ineke and Els, The Netherlands

Hi Sri and Yus,

Thank you Sri for sending me the poem, it is nice to keep.

As we are well settled in Puri Kelapa by now, we would like to express our
thanks to bth of you for having organised our pleasant trip on Java.
We are thinking back on the tours and the trainride, the people , the temples
and the lovely ” rumah makan’s”. And last but not least tour friendly and
well organised travel-agency .

We, four old ladies, send you our love!

Kind regards,
Tjimmy, Gerda, Ineke and Els

Michel, Venice, Italy

Cari Sri e Yus,

Posso dire di aver fatto un viaggio insieme a degli amici! 

Volevo ringranziare voi e i vostri collaboratori, per il fantastico viaggio che avete organizzato per me all isola di Java, Bali e Komodo.
Già dalla sera del mio arrivo ho capito di aver fatto la scelta giusta.  In tre settimane sono riuscito a vedere moltissime cose che senza di voi sarebbero state praticamente impossibili. Mi riferisco in particolare al Cetho Temple, al villaggio in montagna prima di arrivare al Bromo e ovviamente la savana dell immenso BROMO!!!!

Spero di incontravi nuovamente per una nuova avventura!

Un abbraccio

Evelien Vd Rest and Family

Juli 2011 was voor ons vijven een fantastische ervaring!!! Nadat ik van mijn zus het emailadress van Yus en Sri gekregen had ben ik meteen een bericht gaan sturen.Na 2 dagen kreeg ik al bericht terug en en wilden ze heel graag de rondreis door java vanaf

Yogyakarta tot het hotel op Bali die we al eerder hadden geboekt regelen.We hebben van het begin tot het einde genoten van de plaatsen ,hotels met ontbijd de excurcies ,het vervoer en natuurlijk vooral van Yus Sri en chauffeur Ronald .Hele lieve warme zorzame mensen waar je ook zeker heel veel mee kan lachen.Een heel goed contact goed engels sprekend en altijd op tijd.Kortom een aanrader voor diegene die graag een rondreis door java willen maken Het is een en al genieten en dan heb ik het nog niet over het eten gehad.We zijn van deze mensen gaan houden en hebben al weer geboekt.

Bedankt  Yus en Sri geweldig!!!

Els , Sacha and Lucas

Dear Yus and Sri,

Thank you for your email. We arrived home yesterday. We had a wonderful time in Java. Asep was a great guide – he took good care of us, he was always very kind and helpful and everything went without any problems.

It was very nice meeting you in Sukuh.

Thank you again for the organization of the trip. We really feel that we have seen so much and could not have all these beautiful memories without your help!

I will definitely contact you when we visit Indonesia again.

I hope you have a great summer,

Kind regards,

Els , Sacha and Lucas

Hadiya Vrede and Dennis van Eeden


For a start : We are spoiled travelers, visited several countries in Africa, Asia and South – America. End never in a group coz we like to discover in company with local people. In January we were doubting to go to Chili or Indonesia. Singapore Airways decided for us to offer cheap flights to Denpasar.

If you tell people in Holland that you going to spend holiday in Indonesia, they say : “Oh you travel to Bali ? “. But Bali is housing  just a very small part of the 250 million people of Indonesia.

So we decided to go to Denpasar for a start and discover from there on our own. Surving the net  that time I found a site that offered trips on other islands. Coz the recommendations on the site were good we got in contact with Yus  ( or was it Sri ?)
They made a plan for us to make an impression of what was possible in a two weeks visit on Java.

In one week time we agreed to come over on the 29th of May to stay for 2 weeks. Sri and Jus arranged hotels for us in several places. From 5 star places to local bamboo huts in the mountain area or dusted place close to the Bromo with a best view ever.

We arrived on the 29th of May and Sri was waiting in the arrivals hall at 7 in the morning. From the first moment we knew we would have a wonderful time here. We told her : “We don’t follow schedules, we want you to show us why your proud of your country”. And they did !!

Sri is very determine to make the guest happy and Jus is the very save driver with eyes in every corner, knowing his country very well , and also feels what people liked. With Sri we discovered al the food we like. My wife is from Suriname so she knows the Javanees cuisine very well. And we made a culinary  trip. From bakabana, krupuk town, to satay village and seafood heaven to fried casave, we had it al. We only missed the Semarang lumpiah town. Jus would send us a picture ( Still waiting !!!)

So at that point our discovery tour was 100% successful. The places we went ? Unbelievable, outstanding, authentic, forever in our mind. We did the things that tourist should see (Borubudur and Bromo) . But also things like :

-hiking in Sukuh in the mountain area

-biking in Solo and visit gamelan industry, tahoe making, tile baking and arak making (nice)

-jeep drive through the forest and the savannah

-night market with Sri at 05.00 in Jogja

-Marapi discovery

So Sri and Jus are number one . If your planning a trip to Sumatra/ Komodo or Java ?

Get in contact with them. You won’t regret it!!

Hadiya Vrede and Dennis van Eeden  from Belanda

Nishal Kalloe

Dear Yus and Sri,

How are you doing? Our trip in Java was very nice. My parents are still talking every day about our trip to Indonesia. I hope that we will soon come back to Indonesia ;). We had our trip not with Mr Nova, but with Mr Agus. My compliment for Mr Agus. We all like Mr Agus very much. He is very nice. I hope that when I’m back in Indonesia that I can get Mr Agus again as driver.

Can you give also Mr Agus our greetings.

When I know people in Holland who want to go to Indonesia I will give them your contact details.

Hereby I send also some pictures from our trips.

Once again many thanks for our wonderful trip in Java.

Many greetings,

Nishal Kalloe

Sonja & Jean, Belgium

Hi Yus, Sri and Nova,

We are already back home for a while.  Thinking  about your people and our trip.

We made an overland tour in Java in 16 days.  Our guide Nova stayed the whole time with us, the drivers where different in West and East Java,

In West Java we saw the Papadayan and took the train to Yogya. A beautiful trip.

Afterwards we visited the Borobudur and Prambanan.  Also the Bromo was on out program.  In between we stayed in the mountains at Sukuh.Cottages.  A very nice place to be. We ended our trip in Kalibaru, Rumah Senang.  There we did several trips, to the turtles in Sukamade en de Kawa Ijen.

Afterwards we took the very to Bali where we stayed another 14 days, on our own.

We where very pleased to know your guys because everything was organized perfectly.  We will certainly organize our next trip to Indonesia with your travel agency and recommend it to everyone who will visit Indonesia.

Thanks for all the things you did for us!


Sonja & Jean

Titia Vollema en Gert Jan Hobbelink, The Netherlands

In 2008 and 2010 we travelled through the Indonesian archipel, and we enjoyed the guidance of Yus and his sister Sri very, very much!

We met Yus and Sri at Java for the first time, and in our first day ride he was so help full and supporting that we asked him to stay with us for a longer period. He stayed our chauffeur, guide and advisor for all ten days on Java: he organised the type of hotels we liked , organised air plane tickets to Bali on very short notice, accompanied us with our track to the Dieng plateau.

They became real friends of us!

In 2010 we were in Indonesia again, and of course we asked Yus and Sri to accompany us at our journey. We were surprised and delighted to see both again in Pemuteran / Bali! From there we went to Java and also this time everything was great: we had a perfect stay in Kalibaru and Malang. They showed us the real Indonesia in a simple perfect way! Just like two years before our air plane tickets were arranged again, so we could fly further to North-Sulawesi.

Yus and Sri, thanks for your friendship, your very fine way of guiding and advising! We will be coming back in a regular rhythm, and we hope many people who read this, will do the same!

See you!

Titia Vollema en Gert Jan Hobbelink

Eva and Veronique, The Netherlands, 2010

Dear Yus en Sri, ( Driver in Java  and  Guide )

When we were preparing our trip in The Netherlands, we were looking for a trustworthy driver for the longer distances on the Java Island. On several forums we found the recommendations for Yus and Sri, so we decided to contact them for the trip from Bogor – Cipanas – Pangandanran. Through email we arranged with Yus and Sri to pick us up at the Bogor train station. The first meeting was a great example of their flexibility. Until the very last moment we could not inform them about the time of arrival. The moment we boarded the train in Jakarta we send a text message, Yus and Sri however were already waiting for us in Bogor!! The first meeting with Yus and Sri gave us a great feeling of security and comfort. They made us feel very welcome in their country and were interested in us and our trip.

During dinner with Yus and Sri in the evening, we discussed our “planned” route. With their experience they gave us great tips, what to do and what not. Tips that made our trip so much more special and gave us fantastic memories (Yus and Sri: please keep the tip about Mr. Pono’s place (Kaliklatak) exclusive for the special people ;-)!!!). In Pangandaran we decided that we wanted to use the services of Yus and Sri at other stages of our trip. Unfortunately they were fully booked, but they hooked us up with other great people like Yus’ brother Nova. Even if Yus and Sri were very busy with other trips, they took care of us by arranging special places to sleep or simply asking how we were doing.

Back in The Netherlands, we look back on a great holiday and adventure in Indonesia in which Yus and Sri and their company (and entire family :-)) played an important role.

Dear Yus and Sri, thank you so much for the great experience and we wish you a lot of success with your business! We will recommend you to anyone!

Selamat Datang!

Eva and Veronique  The Netherlands         

Tom, TOM’s Erlebnis Reisen, Germany, April 2010

Thanks to your good planning, we could see much of Indonesia. My participants were particularly impressed by the Toraja country. Very beautiful were the days of Java. In Bali we had, unfortunately, very bad weather with much rain. Thus we have seen very little of this island. Full of enthusiasm have Lena, and Horst Heinz reported by Flores. I will in the next few years once again travel to Indonesia and I hope for your cooperation. Until October, I will update my homepage with an extra side Indonesia.

I wish you all the best for the future and many guests.

All the best from Black Forest, Germany

Heinz, Horst und Lena, Germany, April 2010

Hello Sri and Yus,

We are in Kuala Lumpur on the airport. We thank you cordially for the mad elaboration of our journey after Flores, Komod and Rinca. It was super week of full new impressions. On Rinca we saw approx. 10 dragons. The meal on the boat was super and slept we also well. The migration after Wae Rebo was unique. In the place a straight new house is built. The hotel in Labuan Bajo lay up of the port. Finally we had one week without rains.

Terima kasih!

Sampai bertemu lagi

Trudy & Lody, The Netherlands, February 2010

Dear Yus and Sri,

With some delay, due to storm around Paris, where we had to change planes, we arrived safely in Amsterdam. However our suitecases did not! jo and Gerda recieved them today (wednesday), probably ours will arrive tomorrow, thursday.

Many thanks for the wonderfull trip you arranged for u!For Gerda and Jo it was a once in a life time experience, For Lody and me a recognition of our love for Indonesia.

As we had a wonderfull trip we will try and travel with children and grandchildren to Indonesia, so they can see and experience where part of their heritage lays. If this happens, We will surely would like to travel with you!

We wish you good luck and success in the future, for yourselves and your family

Thank you again for this trip!

All Wijtvlieten, The Netherlands, September 2009

We (Sanne, Judith, Jasper, Guyonne, Kasper, Frank and Renée) are back home, safely landed after an unforgettable trip. A relaxed, cosiness journey, in spite of a various full program. From west to east Java travelling bi different transport (train, bus, jeep, taxi, betja(bike), ferry) was a particular and interesting adventure. All kind of beautiful landscapes seen from tea,- coffee-, cocoa plantation, salt fields, rice sawa’s, rain forests, cocos palm trees, slums, full extent cities with many colonial art-deco and jugendstil districts and authentic markets.

The land of give and taken in the crowded, rules, hectic traffic, the land of eternal smile, kindness and living bi day. The chauffeur and guide, Yus and Sri, brother and sister, were very punctual, careful, enthusiastic, perfectly speaking English, their service was very valuable for us, they learning us lot about the daily culture (Ramadan period) and guide us deftly through the traffic and arranged everything we want find which we were looking for our roots. We visit the cemetery from grandma in Semarang and put some beautiful flowers, we also visit the Japanese camps Karangpanas, Lampersarie, admired the parental home in Surabaya and visit the first camp in the Opakstreet, which is now a military base, where we have an audience of the highest commander himself. What a pity that we didn’t get the permission to see the whole building. But the experience was really exciting. Also we visit the Grand Preanger, the hotel in Bandung,

where Nol and Miel (my parents) married.

Also more understanding about Nol, my mother: less structure, live by the day, well cared-for, everything can be arranged, always yes, even when you mean no, hospitality, go on with it, etc. We also enjoy a lot of delicious food on lovely spots, many swimming’s, massages, snorkeling, a beautiful experience, a lot of talking, enjoying each other, special sleeping places, smelling culture, ears and eyes to short.

From Bali we didn’t see so much, but may be it is to touristic, not at all we were in the touristic area, but to us Java is more authentic. The last day, just before leaving, the children had organised a romantic lunch on a lovely spot with an anniversary cake and candles for our wedding anniversary which we may cut with an embellished knife. It was fantastic to make this trip together. The atmosphere was very good all the time and we had the feeling being away for weeks instead of 15 days.

After a long delayed flight we arrived at Amsterdam. Kasper and Guyonne could get just in time the connection to London, without luggage (delivered later on).

In the meantime everybody is working again, back to the daily life. Violently with restless stomach’s and jet lag start working immediately the day after arrival. That is the consequence using every minute. How long can we keep the western craziness outside the door?

A special thanks to Yus and Sri, who make this trip unforgettable. Without them we wouldn’t have such beautiful memories!

Jasper and Judith, The Netherlands, September 2009

Hi Yus and Sri,

Long time no see!

Hereby our reaction on the holiday last September. It seems such a long time ago. It was very pleasant to be with you and to cross the country with you. You were always happy and took us to the best spots. When we were wondering about something (for example spekkoek or kopi luwak) you immediately came into action and organized it. This gave us a very royal feeling.

Now we are back in our hectic career thing sometimes even a little bit forgetting to enjoy life. Therefore it’s good to have great memories of Indonesia.

We look back with good memories to our trip. It is hard to believe we saw so many things in such a short period. We wish you all the best and hope that the earthquake season is over now.

Walter and Sandra, Holland, Augustus 2009.

We met Yuswardi for the first time during our visit in Kalibaru, Jakarta. Together with some friends,we took a motorbike from Bali and went to East-Java. After driving for some days, we arrived in Kalibaru. At that time it was very bussy because of summerholidays. There we stopped at a nice place called Rumah Senang. Unfortunately…. this place was already fully booked. But fortunately they arranged a sleeping place for us there, so we could stay!

Yuswardi was there also and we got in contact and talked about Jakarta. I asked him if he could arrange a ticket for us and in no time he came back with it. So, we went back to Bali by motorbike and took the plane back to Yogyakarta. There we met Yus and his Sister Sri. He had already arranged a nice place for us to stay there. Yus was still on his way with other clients, so Sri took over our trip at that moment. And see did it very good! It felt like we met two new friends, so friendly. The nice thing is that they have accommodation and transportation for any budget. Just say what you need and they have a wide range of suggestions. After we visited some nice places in Yogyakarta, we went to Borobodur and Prambanan. Yus picked us up and we went on.

After our stay in Java, we still wanted to visit some other islands. We were very glad we could use Yuswardi’s contacts, so we had also a nice trip to Kalimantan, Sumatra and even Sulawesi.

Yus and Sri, we want to thank you very much for your input and suggestions to make our trip in Idonesia unforgettable!

Many thanks and hopefully we will meet again in the future.

Rob Disselhoff &  family, The Netherlands

Beautiful Java

Our trip to Indonesia started in Singapore. This beautiful and very clean city was a real eye opener for us.  We had never been before in Asia and were not sure what to expect.

After visiting Singapore city and in particular the impressive Singapore harbor where East and West meet, Clarke Quay city center along the Singapore Riverside, the botanical gardens with the beautiful orchid sections, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, China Town, Mount Faber with beautiful views over the harbor, Raffles hotel, the Singa Pura Lion, Orchard Road and Sentosa with its Caffee del  Mar we went off to our main objective Indonesia and in particular Java.

We arrived at Jakarta Airport and took a taksi to our hotel. Next morning we met our tour leaders  Yus and Mariano and started our trip to old Batavia (founded in 1619 by Jan Pieterszoon Coen). At  the old harbor Sunda Kelapa we saw  impressive schooners  and some buildings of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC, 1602- 1798).  A special point of interest was the old watch tower de Uitkijk built on the Culemborg bastion.  (Jan van Riebeeck)

From a very crowdy and busy Jakarta we left for the quiet region of Bogor (Buitenzorg) where we saw the beautiful botanical gardens and the governor’s palace. Our next target was the impressive Puncak pass on our way to Bandung.

Next morning at 08.00 we took the train direction Banjar and saw a beautiful  landscape with rice fields, mihoun and tea plantations. We left the train at Kroya where Yus and Mariano waited for us and left for the Borobudur  the world famous Buddhist temple. We were very impressed by the beautiful and famous  stupa’s with Buddha.

After this we went off for a long expected  trip: Yogyakarta/ Yogya, where we met Sri, Yus’ sister. We visited the Kraton palace of the sultan and “met” sultan Hamengkubuwono IX . The sultan was a local ruler with warm feelings for the local population. And in some cases he even opposed the national policy of  the government  in Jakarta when local interests were overseen or misjudged.

We also visited Vredeburg, presently a museum where the foundation of the republic Indonesia and education were  major issues.

Next morning we left for the Prambanan Hindu temple and started our trip to Malang were we saw colonial houses and an impressive Administration building (Stadthuys) and Toko Oen restaurant. But our main goal still had to come: the Bromo volcano and its beautiful site. We rose at 3.30  in the morning from our picturesque hotel high in the moutains, took our jeeps and left for sunrise views at the Bromo.  Gosh what a view!!!!!

But unfortunately we approached the end of our Java trip and loaded with impressions we had to say goodbye to Java, Yus and Mariano in a tropical rainstorm at the airport of Surabaya.

In conclusion: this has been a fantastic trip, organized and guided by experts Yus and Mariano and we strongly recommend  their expertise, kindness, professionalism and organizational skills.  

Rob Disselhoff &  family, May 2009    

Joseph & Denise Fabijancic, Vancouver , Canada

Dear Yus & Sri,

Greetings from Canada. Joseph and I wish to thank you for the 3 wonderful days we spent together with you in Java. We enjoyed seeing the sights around Yogyakarta and have fond memories of our travel to Jepara. We found you to be friendly and professional and you provided us with great customer service.

We appreciate the flight arrangements provided by Sri on our journey to Jepara as well as the purchase of the SIM and calling card. You were always willing to go out of your way to provide good customer service. We travelled comfortably in your vehicle and felt safe with your driving abilities. We also gave you a few good laughs regarding our ignorance about Indonesian culture.

We would highly recommend the two of you to anyone wishing to tour Java. You are both very knowledgeable and have a lot to offer to your guests. We hope to return to Java again and call upon your services.

Warm regards,

Joseph & Denise Fabijancic

Cees & Tamara, Belgium

We met Yus & Sri in a small hotel in Dieng. It was not only the beginning of a great ´Java Experience´, but directly from the beginning it felt like a kind of a friendship! During our trips they didn´t only show us the most beautiful parts and things of the island. We talked and talked and talked about the normal things in life, and shared the differences of both our cultures. It was more than a regular sightseeing, we learned a lot about everything of Indonesia. 

Ofcourse, Yogya is a city for tourists. But with Yus and Sri we managed to see the pure side of the local people, away from the palaces and busy shoppingstreets. We will never forget our ´lunch´ on the floor in the student area (by the way, Tamara is still practicing to sit on her heels), and wondering around in the local marketplaces. With a smile on our faces we remember Sarangkan, where we enjoyed our first ´saté klinci´ in front of our room. And we often think of the early morning sight of the Bromo. We can go on and on, and on and on, sharing our experiences with you. 

We asked for something uncommon, as much as possible away from other tourists. Thanks to Yus and Sri, we saw Java at his best! They are really professionals, they are really passionated in showing you around.

 Yus and Sri, you are a wonderful couple (big brother and small sister)!

 Cees & Tamara

Joke and Hannes van den Berg & Sian de Boer, The Netherlands

It was a privilege to experience Java together with you.  Your enormous knowledge of Java, the customs of the Javanese people, your personal caring and your warmth has hit us deeply.

Our first acquaintance was during the ride of Sarangan to Yogyakarta.  Your calm way of driving,  and also Sri’s stories about the landscape and population, matched perfectly together. It gave us so much trust that I asked you to join us till Jakarta, two weeks from now.

Sri has made us an excellent program.  We have intensely enjoyed your tips, the many viewings during the way and excellent taste of the restaurants. We was deeply touched by your  relation with our grandson Sian.  As if it was your little brother. We have spent 2 weeks together (from 14 till 27 july 2008). Joke, Sian and I enjoyed your ever -lasting humour and friendship during this time. 

We have lived in Jakarta for almost 2 years. We have travelled through Java and other islands of Indonesia a lot.  But , because of you we saw new things and have experienced things in a different way. Your fantastic attitude is a must for every traveller to experience Java.

We wish you, together with your family, mother, sister, and brother all health and many successes. 

Terimah kasih banyak, sempai jumpa lagi !!!

Sian de Boer, The Netherlands

Hello Yus and Sri,

how are you doing? Everything is alright with me.I am happy to be back in Holland , but already longing for going back. Soon I hope! You have showed me the most beautiful parts of Java. I am grateful for that! I really would like to thank you both. You meant more to me than only a driver and guide. Thanks for all your worries and making me lucky toys when I was ill. Also many thanks for the flyer you have made for me. I already flied with the fighting flyer. That was great! 

I hope to see you next time.

My kind regards to your kind family.

So long,

Sian de Boer.

Marc Willemsen, Germany

Dear Yus and Sri,

Word of mouth, that is how I received your name from my youngest brother who had a ”breathtaking” time with you in July 2007. In April / May 2008 I have travelled for 4 weeks to Java and Bali with my 80 year old father. For neither of us was it the first time to Java so we already had a big wish list and ideas for our journey. After an extensive mail exchange we came up with the perfect 10 day trip from Yogyakarta to Ubud, Bali and you have been extremely helpful in arranging things for us. Already in your initial mails you gave us the superb tip for a hotel to stay in Yogyakarta (Duta Garden Hotel). That was the first of many good proposals from the both of you. (I guess we would have missed the dance performance in the Kraton if you would not have changed our initial plan, neither would we have found that lovely restaurant before we visited the Prambanan, or would we have thought of staying in Sarangan, just to mention a few of your ideas). From the moment the four of us met in Yogyakarta my father and I realized we made the right decision to travel with you. I can tell the complete story of our trip over here but that is already published on my own website. What I would like to say is that we had a brilliant time together, you really made our trip from Yogya to Bali. All the tips, the brilliant hotels you proposed, the restaurants and the places to stop. The loving care for my father and continuously making sure the both of us were enjoying ourselves. This trip was my 4th visit to Java but thanks to you I have seen a lot of new things in a totally different way. But besides all that there are even more important remarks to be made. We enjoyed the company of the both of you a lot, the jokes (Sri, how about a new telephone card…) and the pleasant times we shared. Long journeys can be boring at times but with the both of you there was never a dull moment. Both my father and I felt sad when we had to say goodbye in Bali before your long trip home. Our 10 days together, your friendship, the joy and the laughter we shared was something we could not have dreamed of before we met. We were just looking for a driver and guide for to make our trip possible but we got so much more. Of course there are many companies offering a ‘similar’ product but for those who prefer a more personal approach and would like to get in touch with the real Java behind all the main tourist attractions (which are a must to see without doubt) I can only recommend to get in touch with you. We met as guests but left as friends. Two weeks after we said goodbye it was our time to leave Indonesia and return home again, I will never forget that phone call from the both of you on our last evening wishing us a good trip. This website is my little ‘thank you’ for making the trip of my father and me one which we will never forget! I hope it will convince other people to book a trip with you, I am sure they won’t regret! Terimah kasih banyak, sempai jumpa lagi!!!

Ton Willemsen, The Netherlands

Via recommandatie  hebben we jullie e-mail adres ontvangen. Dit was een bijzonder goede tip !

We hebben 10 heerlijke dagen met jullie gehad.  Yus was niet alleen een bijzonder goede en voorzichtige chauffeur maar samen met Sri waren jullie fijne en zeer kundige gidsen met een fantastiche instelling. Altijd kundig and too the point. Jullie tips en aanbevelinen konden we altijd  opvolgen, die waren altijd zeer goed We hebben alle dagen volop genoten.  Zonder jullie raadgevingen en hulp zouden we een heel wat minder mooie reis gehad hebben !!

Nogmaals dank voor jullie fijne begleiding en we wensen Jullie verder nog heel veel succes ! Met jullie instelling zal dat geen probleem zijn.

Ton Willemsen

Bart, Yolanda, Niels and Joeri Willemsen, The Netherlands

Dear Yus and Sri,

We as a Family have traveled with you in July 2007.  After a very nice boot trip form Pangandaran you picked us up in Cilacap and we travelled on by a luxury (rent) car to our hotel in Yogyakarta. During this trip You where a real Guide, not just the Chauffeur. You had your book with you, explaining the best sides of the neighborhood. Based on the good impression of the both of you we booked you for the next couple of days. Our experience was just breath taking, not in the last place by your both good guiding skills and care. We would like to recommend all people to book you as from all the guides we had during out stay in Indonesia, you both where the best. Professional, friendly and explaining all the little ”nice to know’s”. It is only because of that, I dared to recommend you to my brother Marc who had just over 40 years more exotic travel experience and 9 previous visits to Indonesia. He loved the journey with you as well!

Thanks again and all the best with your Business!

Marcel – Janneke & Tirza Hambennk, The Netherlands

Hi Yus en Sri

21 Mai 2007 we went with Yus & Sri to the Borobudur Temple and we had a great day ! Not only the Borobudur is great but Yus and Sri also !

Our Daughter asked way day since we met them. Yus did a lot of work for us because we had some trouble with our visa but he sorted it all out, Thanks !!!

The next day we went on a trip for 5 days, ending at Bromo, we had a really great time !! Not only Indonesia a great country that we really love, but Yus and Sri told us a lot about their country so know we know a lot more about Indonesia. It was great to travel with them and get to learn so many things, we didn’t know before.

So all together we had a really great time and we want to thank you for that !!!

with love

Marcel – Janneke & Tirza

Hery and Ellen van Wilpen, The Netherlands

This wonderful Dutch couple has travelled with us in November 2006 and sent us the most heart-warming letter after their return to ”Belanda’. We would like to share this letter with you as a reference to our activities.

Erik, Erwin, Annelous and Willemijn. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In October 2005 we guided these lovely Dutch people around Java and helped to reunite them with their biological father and sister, after a period of almost 30 years ! Some years later they came back to Java and we were once again asked to guide them around. Have a look at an e-mail they sent and read what they have to say about us.

Bastian & Yvonne, The Netherlands

Hi Yus & sri

We met you in Wonosobo, as another driver took us from Pangandaran to Wonosobo.
Both friendly, smiling a lot. They gave us good advice about hotel, trips and best time to visit.

They were a great help planning our trip. Especially we did not know it would be so hard to travel in the time of Idul Fitri. Now we were able to have a plane to Sulawesi Yet. Thank Yus & Sri..!!!

Yus & Sri was of great value our attempt to get the extension of our visa.
without him, I don’t believe we would have managed it in time. Thanks again..!!!

We had a very pleasant time, Thanks..!!!

Bastian & Yvonne ( Belanda )

Shirly – Yvonne – Han Van Amersfoorth, The Netherlands

Hi Yus & Sri

Thank you very much for the trip from Borobudur – Magelang _ Yogyakarta – Sarangan – Malang and Bromo.

Thank you very much for visiting our rots with us in Magelang en Malang, we keep the beautiful memories!!

Thank you for good tour and good suggestions !!!

Albert Sluiter Family, The Netherlands

About Yus en Sri
After arranging the transport from Pangandaran to Yogya, We discovered that Yus was more than a driver. He explained all the habits and lifestyle of the Java people in a professional way. Together with Sri. He convinced us to stay on Java and make a tour with them. Then we discovered things we couldn’t expect to find in Indonesia. Everyday was pleasure and surprise to visit and discover new things.
We think Yus and Sri are professional learn and they take care about everything. It was perfect.

1st Day Pangandaran – Yogyakarta

A wonderful trip trough the country. Yus and Sri explained very well about life in the country. We learned a lot of it.
The trip to go the Borobudur on the right time of the day. A unique experience. The evening in Yogya was great and we made a fine tour trough the city.The hotel accommodation was in the middle of the centre an it gave us the opportunity to see the city. Next day we visited the Sultan Palace and then we left.

2nd day Yogyakarta _ Sarangan

A wonderful trip trough the country to Sukuh Temple. A wonderful trip and nice visit to the special place.
Then we went to Sarangan. Visiting the spring falls was not possible couse to an aggressive monkey. But the trip was perfect.
Sarangan: The hotel was perfect. A beautiful room in a special place and a good dinner and with a nice view cover the lake

3rd day  Sarangan – Bromo

a long trip and a heavy day. The arrival in Bromo was perfect view and special place. The trip to the volcano next day was spectacular. Every rising int the morning and a perfect day . In my opinion this trip was very well planed.

4th day Bromo – Kalibaru

After visiting the Bromo, we slept a lot in the car and the arrival at the Margo Utomo Hotel in Kalibaru was amazing, a beautiful hotel and a good place to rest. We think that Yus and Sri brought us in a very efficient way to the beautiful places in Java. We enjoyed.

Ps. Next time we go with you again

Jesca en Lennert Pieters, The Netherlands

Hi Yus & Sri

Last summer, in July 2005 we spend a day in and around Jogya with you and your sister
We had a great time and learned a lot. Also laughed about the difference between Indonesia and Holland.
Hereby we would like to thank you and send you a nice picture! 🙂
Have a good time and take care of each other!
Greetings Jesca en Lennert Pieters

Good news: in April we become papa and mama, our first baby will be born then!